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This module consists of an introductory activity to the concept of leadership followed by two case studies. The purpose of this module is to reflect upon and discuss the qualities that are most essential to leadership.

Participants are invited to analyze 5 biographies of individuals who served during the Great War. The 5 individuals had different upbringing and experiences. Participants identify how they were all leaders in some way and then communicate ideas about leadership in history using different media.

  • Module 3: Comparing Leadership Strategies and Actions English | French

Participants apply the concept of leadership to two historical case studies; the Battle of Saint-Eloi and the Battle of Vimy Ridge. They will compare the leadership strategies and actions displayed by the military leaders during the battles. The module ends with a Structured Academic Controversy for youth to develop and communicate a position on leadership strategies and actions.

Participants are invited to learn about the wartime and post-war actions and advocacy of First Nations, Black, and Japanese veterans, and their efforts to create long-lasting social change in the country they served. After listening to excerpts of interviews with community members through the Vimy Foundation’s Beyond the Ridge podcast series, participants will engage in a group discussion and identify an issue or injustice in their community that requires action and advocacy.

This activity highlights the different ways that young people contributed to Canada's war effort during the First World War. It asks participants to analyze photographs and high school yearbooks for evidence of youth leadership in wartime. Participants can then go on to develop an idea for a project to address an issue in their own community or school.

Using the case study of propaganda on Canada’s home front during the First World War, participants study the importance of effective communication for leadership. Participants analyze how wartime posters and music encouraged Canadians to support the war effort. They can then create their own posters, narratives, poems, and/or songs to communicate an issue important to them and their community today.

Encourage youth to submit a project idea to the Vimy Inspires Tomorrow program to be eligible for a $2,500 project grant! Modules 4, 5 and 6 can help participants develop and articulate their ideas. Full details are available on the Guidelines and Terms and Conditions page.

Youth can apply directly on the application page.

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