Our Mission

Building the Future, Informed by the Past

The Vimy Foundation is a leading voice on the First World War in Canada.

The Foundation works to preserve and promote Canada's ongoing legacy of leadership

The First World War victory at Vimy Ridge in April 1917, a milestone where Canada came of age and was recognized on the world stage, acts as a symbol of this rich legacy. Our actions here at the Vimy Foundation are informed by our commitment to three strategic pillars:
Leadership - shaping informed and engaged leaders of tomorrow
Legacy - evolving our connection to our First World War heritage
Longevity - delivering on a commitment to maintaining operational excellence

A brick wall with The Vimy Foundation logo and Centennial Park mounted on it.
A group of students at the Vimy memorial

The Foundation carries out its mission by:

  1. Spreading awareness through educational programs, both domestic and overseas;
  2. Spreading awareness through innovative projects and unique initiatives;
  3. Spreading awareness through promoting recognition of April 9th as Vimy Day.

The Vimy Foundation's Top Ten Accomplishments:

1. In partnership with the Government of Canada, developed a public commemoration for the last surviving First World War soldier on Vimy Day 2011;

2. Having The Vimy Memorial placed on the new $20 bill;

3. Creation of Vimy Place in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Park in Montreal;

4. Influencing the provincial and municipal governments across the country to lower flags on Vimy Ridge Day;

5. Hosting gala events across the country celebrating Vimy Ridge Day;

6. Staging commemorative events for the 100th Anniversary of the Battle in 2017;

7. Vision and development of the Vimy Visitor Education Centre on the site of the Vimy Memorial;

8. Creation of a mobile application and a digital experience focusing on the Vimy Memorial site and Canada's military history to bring “Vimy to the World”;

9. Developed informative and creative educational programs helping Canada's youth learn about First World War and military history; and

10. Vision and development of the Vimy Foundation Centennial Park at Vimy, France.

Brief Overview

Inspired by the heroic victory of the Canadian Forces at Vimy Ridge, the Vimy Foundation believes that the key to a successful future lies in knowing one's past, and that the remarkable story of Vimy should be shared with young people from across the country.

To help spread awareness, the Foundation works with different partners on many projects and commemorative initiatives, while also creating forward-looking educational programs  that use history as a tool for building a better future.

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