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History of Black Canadians from the First World War and Beyond

Government of Canada List of Black history organizations and educational resources

Africville Museum in Halifax, NS

Amherstburg Freedom Museum formerly the North American Black Historical Museum

BC Black History Places of Interest

The Canadian Encyclopedia: Black Volunteers in the First World War, No.2 Construction Battalion, Black Voting Rights, Stanley G. Grizzle, Black Female Freedom Fighters

Nova Scotia Museum on African Nova Scotians

Library Archives Canada resources about Black History in Canada

The National Film Board of Canada’s playlist celebrating Black Communities in Canada

Ontario Black History Society

The Secret Life of Canada a CBC podcast, look for the episodes on blackface, Black Nurses, Uncle Tom, the province of Jamaica, John Ware, Eleanor Collins, and Jackie Shane

Veterans Affairs’ History of Black Canadians in Uniform

Black Volunteers in the First World War (The Canadian Encyclopedia)

Veterans Affairs Canada

The Vimy Memorial is managed by Veterans Affairs Canada. To take a virtual tour of the memorial, please click here.

To view a digital representation of what Vimy Ridge was like in April 1917, please click here.

To research the registry of information about the graves and memorials of more than 118,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders who served valiantly and gave their lives for their country, visit the Canadian Virtual War Memorial.

Library and Archives Canada

Over 600,000 men and women enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) during the First World War (1914-1918) as soldiers, nurses and chaplains. The CEF database is an index to those service files, which are held by Library and Archives Canada, to find personnel records of the First World War,  diaries and military collections of soldiers and War Diaries.

From the start of the First World War, CEF units were required to maintain a daily account of their “Actions in the Field.” This log was called a War Diary. The War Diaries are not personal diaries, rather they are a historical record of a unit’s administration, operations and activities during the First World War.

The Canadian Encyclopedia

The Canadian Encyclopedia plays an essential role in providing Canadians and others with accurate, updated information about our people and country. Read their articles on many unique topics related to the First World War, including the Canadian children, Canadian Art, songs, and documents. The Canadian Encyclopedia can also help students acquiring research skills through Think like a historian.

Canadian Letters and Images Project

The Canadian Letters and Images Project is an online archive of the Canadian war experience, from any war, as told through the letters and images of Canadians themselves. Begun in August 2000, the Project is located in the Department of History at Vancouver Island University. Click here to access the First World War collection.

Canadian War Museum

The Canadian War Museum has a number of valuable resources for researching Canada’s involvement in the First World War, both in person at the museum and online. Click here to check out their virtual exhibition on Canada and the First World War, including lesson plans, photograph and document packages, and book lists of recommended reading for Canadian youth organized by age.


Canada And The First World War: A Select Bibliography

Great books on the First World War for youth

The Canadian Children’s Book Centre has put together a thorough bibliography of books recommended for grades 1 through 10. Click here to view.

Books on the Battle of Vimy Ridge 1917

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Histories of Canada and the First World War

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General First World War Histories

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The Vimy Foundation regularly polls Canadians about their attitudes and opinions related to Canada’s First World War legacy and the upcoming Vimy Centennial, through market research conducted by Ipsos Reid.

April 2018 – Vimy Week Poll Finds Many Canadians Still Unable to Identify Vimy Memorial.

November 2017 Remembrance Week Poll Finds That Awareness of Vimy Ridge Rising; while Passchendaele Less Well Known

April 2017 New Poll Shows Canadian First World War Legacy Building as More Young Canadians Engage in Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

November 2016 “Survey of Six “Western Front” Nations Shows Canadians Most Likely to Have Attended War Remembrance Ceremony in Past Year

April 2016 “New Poll Shows Most Canadians (83%) Feel Vimy Centennial should be Key Part of Canada 150 Celebration

November 2015 “Most Canadians Can Identify “In Flanders Fields” (76%) by John McCrae (61%) as Canadian Poem Written During First World War

April 2015 “Three Quarters of Canadians (74%) Believe 100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge in 2017 Should Be One of Canada’s Most Important Celebrations During Sesquicentennial

November 2014 “Three in Ten (27%) Canadians Will Attend a Remembrance Day Ceremony This Year, 23% Said they Went Last Year

April 2014 “One in Five (18%) Canadians Don’t Know What Vimy Ridge Is

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