Terms and Conditions: Vimy Inspires Tomorrow


Vimy Inspires Tomorrow is a history-based leadership program geared towards youth-focused community groups.

The program offers free resources to community groups and educators, including 6 modules/activities, which are available for download

Community Project – Initial Project Plan

The program encourages youth participants to devise a project that will positively impact their local communities. Individual youth or groups of youth (ages 13-17) who complete 1 or more activities can submit a one (1) page plan outlining the community project they wish to develop or contribute to. The plan should describe the project, the reason or need for the project, and the intended community impact. The plan should also include a summary of what was learned during the activities and how this knowledge will assist with their project. It should be no longer than 300 words.

The project can be an initiative focused on the participant’s local community, school, club, or sports team, among others. It can be based on the participant’s areas of interest or on a need they have identified. The main criteria is that the project focuses on an impactful outcome, aims to make a positive difference in the community, and that it is youth-driven.

The plan should be sent by email to with the subject line, "Community Project Proposal". The individual or group name, the city, and province/territory should also be included.

The deadline to submit the initial 1-page plan is January 31, 2023.

Additional leadership training and project grant

The Vimy Foundation will select ten (10) individuals or groups to be eligible for additional leadership, project, and community organization training/ coaching. The training will take the form of virtual workshop sessions to take place during the Spring of 2023. A coach will provide some additional help for individuals or groups projects.

Workshop participants who complete all training sessions can submit a more detailed project proposal drawing on what they have learned. The Vimy Foundation will award one (1) $1,500 grant to the most realized and well-thought-out project plan. The plan should be no longer than three (3) pages. It should describe the project in greater detail, describe what was learned during the activities and workshops and should describe how the grant will assist the individual or group in developing and implementing their project.

The award recipient is expected to provide the Vimy Foundation with updates about their project in the year following the award.


Community project plans may be submitted by any individual or group which completes at least one of the Vimy Inspires Tomorrow activities. To be eligible for the grant, candidates must have completed all workshop training sessions. The recipient will be selected by a program committee. The grant is open to all Canadian students between 13 and 17 years old who complete one or more program activities, except for any individual who is an immediate family member of employees of the Vimy Foundation. Subject to all applicable laws. Void where prohibited.