The Opening of the Stéphan Crétier and Stéphany Maillery Peace Circle in the Vimy Foundation Centennial Park

Date published:

April 11, 2024

The Vimy Foundation announces the inauguration of the Stéphan Crétier and Stéphany Maillery Peace Circle in the Vimy Foundation Centennial Park

The Vimy Foundation is pleased to announce that the official inauguration of the Stéphan Crétier and Stéphany Maillery Peace Circle took place in our Centennial Park in Givenchy-en-Gohelle, France, on April 8, in the presence of French and Canadian dignitaries. This addition, funded by the Stéphan Crétier Foundation, represents a space for reflection, remembrance and reconciliation.

The Peace Circle, located in the heart of the Vimy Foundation's Centennial Park, offers visitors a serene setting amid the natural beauty of Vimy. A symbol of peace and harmony, it commemorates the bravery of the Canadian soldiers who served on Vimy Ridge during the First World War, while promoting dialogue and understanding.

This addition will not only serve Canadians and visitors to the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, but will also serve as a space for the local community of Givenchy-en-Gohelle.

Stéphan Crétier and Stéphany Maillery have been long-time supporters of the Vimy Foundation. In 2017, their generous contributions helped create the Vimy Visitor and Education Centre, and their support has been instrumental in bringing the vision of the Peace Circle to life. Their dedication to preserving history and promoting peace resonates deeply with the mission of the Vimy Foundation.

Stéphan Crétier and Stéphany Maillery,

"Canada's decisive victory at Vimy in 1917 greatly contributed to its recognition on the international stage and marked a turning point in the development of our national identity. It is a privilege for us to support the Vimy Foundation in its efforts to preserve the memory of our troops and promote peace and harmony for future generations. We say it loud and clear: all Canadians who have the opportunity to visit France should make a point of coming to Vimy and taking a moment to pay their respects at one of the Canadian cemeteries there. Nearly 3,600 young Canadians who made the ultimate sacrifice are buried there. A sacrifice that benefits us all today. They deserve a visit.

Carolyn Patton, President of the Vimy Foundation,

"The Vimy Foundation is proud to officially inaugurate the Stéphan Crétier and Stéphany Maillery Peace Circle in the centre of the Vimy Foundation Centennial Park. This space symbolises remembrance, reconciliation and unity. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Stéphan and Stéphany for their ongoing support of our Foundation. Their generosity and commitment have played an essential role in the realisation of this significant project. As we inaugurate the Circle of Peace, let us continue to build a future informed by the past."

About the Stéphan Crétier Foundation

The Stéphan Crétier Foundation is a Canadian charity created in 2006 by Stéphan Crétier and Stéphany Maillery.World citizens living in Dubai since 2010, Mr Crétier and Ms Maillery have not forgotten their Canadian roots. Their Foundation's mission is to give back to the community by supporting various Canadian non-profit organisations. In addition, the Foundation manages the Bolo Program, an innovative and results-oriented project aimed at raising public awareness of security and helping find Canada's most wanted fugitives. Stephan Cretier is the Founder, Chairman, President and CEO of GardaWorld, one of the largest private security firms in the world, with more than 132,000 dedicated professionals operating in 45 countries. For more information, please visit:

You can vist the Flickr album from the opening here.


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