Henry "Ducky" Norwest is killed by an enemy sniper.

August 1918

Marker at gravesite of Lance Corporal Henry Norwest, Warvillers, France. Glenbow Archives NA-4025-22.

Henry “Ducky” Norwest, Lance Corporal – Born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Henry was a Metis with French-Cree background. In his civilian life, he was a rancher, trapper and rodeo performer. He volunteered with the 50th Battalion during the First World War and was a praised sniper with 115 kills. He received the Military Medal with a bar during the Battle of Vimy Ridge for his service for the assault on the “Pimple”, one of only 838 Canadians to receive this honour. He was killed on August 18, 1918 during the Battle of Amiens by an enemy sniper.

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